Monday, June 13, 2011

Time to get shooty!

I painted these up for a human warband that I have been working on. To be honest, there isn't one specifically that I am making this for, but rather, I'd just like to have a scrupulously-aligned, shooty warband at some point.

Thus far, all of my warbands have been evil (Skaven, Possessed, Beastmen) and almost exclusively close-combat fighters.  I plan to use these archers (from the plastic Brettonian set)  for either an Averlander, Ostlander or Reiklander warband.

Painting these were pretty fun — my goal was to do the lot in a set amount of time, and I couldn't exceed that time, so I had to budget my time accordingly.  Only about 7 colors were used, with mixing being an integral part, and work on quick blends (using lots of drying retarder and mixing on the mini itself).

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