Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rules Changes, v1.0

We've decided that we're going to be playing with some slightly modified rules, although most of these changes are fairly standard to most Mordheim groups (that is, rules that needed changing long ago, and were changed).

The list is as follows.  We'll add more as things develop.

Rules changes v1.0

— Strength save modifier moves up one "slot," that is, -1 armor save from a S5 hit, -2 from S6, etc., rather than the -1 starting at S4.
— Shields confer a save on a 5-6.  Shields always confer an immitigable save on a 6 in both hand-to-hand, and against ranged attacks, but only from the "front."
— Firing over a melee confers a -1 "to-hit" modifier, if the model is on the same plane; there is no modifier if the firer is 2" or more above the "plane" where the melee is occurring.
— When using two hand weapons, the "off-hand" suffers a -1 to-hit modifier.
— When a warband loses 25% of its warband members, they will roll to rout on the beginning of their next turn, as usual.  If successful, they needn't roll again until another warband member is lost, as they have "Held Fast."

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More coming soon...

I have been busy with work lately, but have been painting in the evenings; I simply haven't had time to take pics and upload them.  Should have some in late July or August to show.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I use these as Darksouls or Brethren in the Possessed Warband; I just love the way they look as models, and the way that the paint job came out.

Beastman Warband WIP

Monday, June 13, 2011

Time to get shooty!

I painted these up for a human warband that I have been working on. To be honest, there isn't one specifically that I am making this for, but rather, I'd just like to have a scrupulously-aligned, shooty warband at some point.

Thus far, all of my warbands have been evil (Skaven, Possessed, Beastmen) and almost exclusively close-combat fighters.  I plan to use these archers (from the plastic Brettonian set)  for either an Averlander, Ostlander or Reiklander warband.

Painting these were pretty fun — my goal was to do the lot in a set amount of time, and I couldn't exceed that time, so I had to budget my time accordingly.  Only about 7 colors were used, with mixing being an integral part, and work on quick blends (using lots of drying retarder and mixing on the mini itself).

Armored Beastman

Another piece for the Beastmen Warband — this is one of my hero units, a heavily-armored Bestigor.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Release the Hounds

Human warbands often use wardogs to hunt and immobilize their opponents.

Beastmen and the Possessed do the same; their Beasthounds' incomparable speed allows for easily flanking and destruction of their prey.

More Denizens appear...

An Ogre Mercenary can easily turn the tide of even the most lopsided battles, but at a price. Be it blood or bullion, he will get his pay.

His Skaven counterpart, the Rat Ogre, has been known to tear through entire warbands, leaving nothing in his wake but a trail of gore.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Apparitions in the Fray...

Slik'Ishkil stalks the streets at night, his weeping blades spinning in a web of hate and pain.

Kalashhk employs the incantations of the Vermin Lord, and keeps a Warplock Pistol hidden, to boot.

Dwarves search for plunder in the city of the damned.

Zealot Flagellants are a mainstay in most witch-hunter bands; their unstoppable fervor and devout championing of Sigmar only intensify their savage attacks.

Where there are people, the corrupting influence of chaos is not far behind...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The doors open...

This is where updates to the Mordheim Campaign will be posted.