Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rules Changes, v1.0

We've decided that we're going to be playing with some slightly modified rules, although most of these changes are fairly standard to most Mordheim groups (that is, rules that needed changing long ago, and were changed).

The list is as follows.  We'll add more as things develop.

Rules changes v1.0

— Strength save modifier moves up one "slot," that is, -1 armor save from a S5 hit, -2 from S6, etc., rather than the -1 starting at S4.
— Shields confer a save on a 5-6.  Shields always confer an immitigable save on a 6 in both hand-to-hand, and against ranged attacks, but only from the "front."
— Firing over a melee confers a -1 "to-hit" modifier, if the model is on the same plane; there is no modifier if the firer is 2" or more above the "plane" where the melee is occurring.
— When using two hand weapons, the "off-hand" suffers a -1 to-hit modifier.
— When a warband loses 25% of its warband members, they will roll to rout on the beginning of their next turn, as usual.  If successful, they needn't roll again until another warband member is lost, as they have "Held Fast."

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