Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dystopian Wars - Campaign 2013

It's been a while, and while I have been busy with modeling and painting, I simply haven't had the time to do the uploading and tutorial process.  I've been fastidiously recording all my progress on current projects, but have been waylaid by something fun — a Dystopian Wars campaign!

We did quite a bit of DW last year, and it seems like a summer game for a lot of us. We can enjoy Sundays while gaming and drinking Blood Marys.

Here are some pics from our inaugural game: Loot the Lusitania!

We were running two games, side-by-side, on 4'x4's.  It was myself (EBS) vs FSA, and PE vs. China. Above is the deployment of the latter game.

We had only one Lusitania (Olympia?) model at the "clubhouse", so we used a Prussian Battleship for our Lusitania. It had 4AA and 9AP, and the goal was to prize it for 300 campaign points. Small items could be picked up for 50+(d6x10) campaign points, simply by moving your ship to an all stop and getting them or swinging by them and picking them up on the d6 roll of a 4, 5, or 6.

The PE vs. China game was very close, but the Chinese edged them out for the victory. My game was a little more one-sided; in addition to prizing the Lusitania and grabbing five tokens, I completely obliterated my opponent's forces. The FSA player is really fun to play with, and one of my favorite people to game with, and I think we both really enjoyed ourselves.

Also, I quickly airbrushed up my land forces for the EBS, using a Mediterranean Blue (VMA) and Terran Khaki (RMS), and I think the scheme looks good. Here are some samples, and I will post more once they're completely done.