Saturday, May 26, 2012

Progressive Results: May 26th, 2012

Current Standings
MS     2W-1L-0D
JK      1W-2L-0D
MG    1W-1L-0D

Game 1 (JK vs. MG - Treasure Hunt - JK Victory by Forcing Rout)
MG Hound OOAs JK Francis the Dreg
JK Vampire OOAs MG Hound
JK Dire Wolf OOAs MG Hound
MG Hound OOAs JK Zombie
JK Vampire OOAs MG Gor #1
MG Centigor OOAs JK Zombie
JK Monga OOAs Grak (Bestigor); Grak gains hatred of Mongo.

Game 2 (JK vs. MS - Street Fight - MS Victory by Forcing Rout):
Random Events: Acid Rain & Giant Spider
Acid Rain OOAs JK Ghoul.
Acid Rain OOAs JK Francis mk2
Acid Rain OOAs JK Ghoul
MS Engineer Dimrond OOAs JK Zombie
Spider OOAs JK Dire Wolf
JK Vampire OOAs MS Engineer Dimrond
MS Clansman OOAs JK Zombie

Game 3 (MS vs. MG - Treasure Hunt - MG Victory by Forcing Rout)
Random Event: Eerie Apparition
MG Hound OOAs MS Clansman
MG Centigor OOAs MS Slayer

Game 4 (MS vs. JK - Wizard's Mansion - MS Victory by Forcing Rout)
Random Encounter: Slayer Finds Wyrdstone & Screaming Building
Igor OOA by fall
Vampire OOA by fall
MS Leader Hagrin OOAs JK Francis mk2
MS Slayer OOAs JK Mongo Dred
MS gains major treasure haul

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