Thursday, January 31, 2013

Warjacks and Badger Ghost Tint fail

     I thought I'd try some new techniques and processes today; namely, blocking off areas with silly putty (as Les, from Awesomepaintjob swears by) and using the newly-arrive Badger Ghost Tints.  

    Below are the 'Jacks, with the areas taped/SP'd off, and ready to go. I did the initial highlights using German Grey, and then P3 Coal Black, and then highlighted using white added to the mix. Next time, I'll go for a more desaturated, mottled look and use a light khaki or RMS White Leather to highlight instead of straight white.

     Below are the final highlights.  The Ghost Tinted one infuriated me so much I almost gently placed the 'Jack in the garbage so I'd never have to look at it again. I know it's going to be glossy and take some time to dry, but there were dense pigments shotgunned all over it, and it looks like a Christmas Candied Apple.  I'll go at it again and tint more tomorrow to darken things a little bit.  
     My first instinct was to blame the product, but let's be honest: I've done this a total of about 40 hours at this point, and just need to try any and all manner of techniques, so I should expect to fail and produce some miserable looking models, but in the meantime, maybe I can do something nice, too.

     Below is the finished 'Jack that I am pleased with.


     I did some red on a Chaos Terminator Lord in between work, just because this poorly-primed model has no future but to end up as a paint test.

     Below is the nice-looking 'Jack, with the black base applied to the parts that will end up as metallic. Still a little more work to do, but overall, looking good.

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