Saturday, January 19, 2013

Updates: Predator and Khador (Airbrush Experiment)

Here are some of the updates for the recent projects I have been working on. I added ultra-highlights, as seen here:

And here, with shadows added; the grey-green I used was a little too mottled, but I think it'll work out, especially if I add a thin glaze of green afterwards.

And here are some of the Khador I have been working on. I am still using an ultra-thinned RMS White, but it simply will not go out smoothly; I will just wait for my Vallejo white to get here.  It is either thinned to the point of not working, or just shotguns large white dots all over the place. At any rate, the 'Jack on the right has the white highlights (which will be smoothed down with a red glaze) and the one on the left does not.

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